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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 24, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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plagued the city ever since the start of the new year. we'll tell you how. your trash service could add to your city's treasury. the cities looking at increasing fees. good morning, everybody. a live look outside from the south bay. the time is straight up 6:00. it is monday morning, january 24th, on "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. welcome to "today in the bay." the construction is complete. we are sitting on our brand new set this morning. it kind of gives you a bird's eye view. welcome. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. we'll get you started checking out the hour-by-hour forecast with christina. good morning to you. we are starting this hour relatively cold in the east bay where we have temperatures in the upper 30s this morning. that goes for the north bay as well. but heading throughout this afternoon we are expecting the 60s all across the board.
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a lot of sunshine on tap for us today. and sunny conditions are going to hang out all the way throughout this coming weekend. we have a lot of sunshine in store. unseasonably warm conditions persist. and the good news is 70 degrees in the forecast for friday, you just can't beat that this time of the year. we'll find out if there's anything we are worried about in the traffic department this morning. okay, my mike is still there. no major issues. we'll take you to major slowing as we expect this time of the day on westbound highway 4 in antioch. we have speeds down in the low 20s approaching lovers lane. a smooth drive for 680 down to 580. we have aty typical building out of the altamonte pass. heading out of the air eastbound you may encounter thick fog. heading to the bay bridge, approaching the east shore
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freeway, a smooth drive off the car any nasa cartinas bridge. no metering lights there yet. in san francisco we have police activity continuing because of this car fire. brent, you will talk about this with bob who is on the scene. there's more than just a car fire there, they have found a body as well. that's right. let's go to bob with more on this story. >> reporter: good morning to you, brent. we are in the lower webster section of san francisco. police are focusing on that pontiac grand am. it is burned out on the top part inside the cabin. it is actually pointed facing the wrong way on rose street, which is an alleyway here in the lower hay. one thing police have going for them is it would be hard to imagine that somebody didn't
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hear something. you can see this neighborhood is tightly packed with a lot of windows that open up onto the scene. the downside is this did happen overnight. it happened around 3:30 in the morning when most people were asleep. the car came in with a car on fire. the fire department arrived to put the car fire out. that's when they discovered there was a body of somebody in the passenger side of the car. >> the body was burned pretty severe in this incident, so we don't have a gender or age on this victim at this point. we are canvassing the neighborhood to try to talk to neighbors to see if anyone has any information as well as checking video cameras in the neighborhood. >> reporter: and there are video cameras in the neighborhood. right there is the car, if we swing around and look down here at hay and webster, you can't see it with the camera, but there's a video camera on one of the posts there pointed in the direction of the scene. now, was that camera rolling, was it pointed at the time that this took place at 3:30 in the morning, that's still unnope
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unknown. as far as suspects, police don't know who did this and why. bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you very much, bob. it is 6:03 right now. a bloody start to the year in san jose with seven murders in the past three weeks. the city is holding an emergency meeting to crack down on gang-related crime. the latest homicide happened on friday in broad daylight during the evening rush hour commute. an 18-year-old man was gunned down at the intersection of story road and the capital expressway. police have a 17-year-old suspect in custody and say the shooting was gang related. tonight's meeting kicks off at the action center at 6:00. a hearing today could crash the party for an embattled nightclub in san jose permanently. the san jose city attorney will ask the judge for an injunction to shut down club west on south first street. the city accuses the club staffers of covering up violence on the dance floor. on new years' eve club security
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refused to call an ambulance for a woman bleeding after a fight. and police say in another case they reportedly found the club staff cleaning up blood after there was a fight where somebody was allegedly stabbed. poo em in one peninsula city are looking out for mountain lions yesterday. a big cat was spotted in woodside yesterday. this is the third sighting in this month. wildlife experts say to avoid hiking and dawn or dusk. and if you see a mountain lion here, do not approach it. and if you are confronted by one, try to appear large and make loud noises. the search is going to continue this morning for a fisherman who disappeared on saturday afternoon. contra costa's sheriff department says they are going to use sonar this morning to look for 51-year-old harry lee. they say it is still a search and rescue mission as it is not unusual for people who disappear in the delta to survive.
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lee was fishing alone on saturday but his boat was spotted about 2:00 with food and fishing poles still aboard with no signs of him. rescue crews believe lee was wearing a life vest. a surfer is clinging to life this morning after he was injured at mavericks. jacob tread is in a medically-induced co ma at the medical center. he and a group of surfers were riding 15 to 18-foot waves when a larger wave caught them off guard. he was forced under water and subsequent waves kept him down. a viewer took these toe photos of the rescue. he was found nearby not breathing. someone administered cpr and he was taken to the hospital. trent was an accomplished surfer but this was his second time surfing mavericks. does the public have a right to know about the private lives of ceos? scott income grau mcgrew is here
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with the latest on steve jobs. >> reporter: good morning to you. steve jobs is leaving apple temporarily because of his health. we don't know a whole lot more than that. now, the question for all shareholders is what does this mean for the company. will his absence hurt apple's future? the wall street journal this morning pointing out that apple's shareholders will vote on a resolution to force the company to be more forthcoming about mr. jobs' health. at the apple shareholder meeting they will vote on that. the committee regulates relationships between the shareholders and its ceos. it is hard to come up with rules on what should be public and what should remain private. to goer's google's ceo eric schmidt is going to get $1
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billion as a bonus. going back to the envelope map, if you had $100,000, this would be the equivalent of getting a $1,600 bonus. that's great. that's a little vacation for the family or some home improvements. that's what that means to someone making $100,000. >> if you add a few zeros -- >> you would be like, that's awesome. getting $100 million, that's weak. >> not the same reaction i would have. thank you, scott. pink slips are out. and a vote tomorrow in santa clara could cut social services at the agency in half. more than 125 playoff notices have been sent out to social workers. santa clara supervisors will vote tomorrow on a budget adjustment which is the result of federal cutbacks and former governor schwarzenegger's october spending cuts of $1
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billion. the $6 million cuts would affect those who collect donated food and clothing, provide transportation and enroll foster children in school. a local university may have found a way to handle its state budget cuts without losing jobs. a panelist from san francisco state university suggests consolidating eight colleges into six by combining apartments. that move could save up to $1.5 million a year and 200 classes. to make the change the university president still has to support the plan and the 1,500 faculty members would have to vote on it as well. to vote on the weather, it has been pretty darn nice. it is spring in january. >> it is spring-like, and the spring-like conditions will continue for today. in fact, all the way throughout this weekend we are talking about a lot of sunshine as high pressure is firmly in control of our weather pattern keeping all this activity, all the systems of low pressure well off to our
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north. now, as a result of high pressure, we still have a pretty moist layer at the surface in the san joaquin valley. we have a dense fog situation shaping up here. a dense fog advisory is in place until 11:00 a.m. today. high pressure for us is making for a beautiful afternoon with temperatures in the 60s. upper 60s for some cities. i'm going 70 degrees in santa cruz. watch out for fog creeping in from the delta for fairfield and concord with reduced visibilities. getting closer and closer to sunrise at 7:30 that situation will probably get worse before it gets better. keep that in mind, drivers. take it easy out there. 66 in oakland. heading throughout the next few days, not a lot of change. i hope you like the sunshine. we'll see what i'm expecting to be when i look at all the models right now, the long-range models, a pretty wet and active february. we'll stay dry throughout the remainder of january. that's good news. you will need the sunglasses. get those out. we'll see slowing on the
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peninsula due to the sun in people's eyes. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is steadily slow. the metering lights turn on in 15 minutes from now. approaching the maze, we are close to the limit for the east shore freeway off the cartinas bridge. a look at livermore on westbound 580, no major issues. just typical slowing with traffic building out of the altamonte pass. christina told you about the fog heading to the san joaquin valley. heading east through the area, that's the issue in the south bay. it is smooth through sunol. 101 approaching 680 is slowing as well as coming up to the 680 interchange. that's pretty typical at this time of the morning. 6:11. still to come on "today in the bay," another cell phone carrier is getting ready to add a data plan for smart phones. we'll tell you what you can do to save some money coming up.
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plus, pay more to get rid of the stuff you don't want. see which bay area city is looking at increasing trash fees. [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast.
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breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open. welcome back, everybody. just a few seconds away from 6:15 as we take a live look across the gold up gate bridge. nice and clear. nothing to worry about in terms of the weather. we don't have much fog out there, but we'll check out christina and mike's traffic and weather in a few more minutes. 6:14 right now.
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traffic across the bay area is forcing communities to raise fees on trash pickup. christie smith is live in the east bay with more on what some of the people living there are facing. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. the timing couldn't be worse. some of these neighbors just had a water rate increase. now we are talking about a garbage rate increase of 14% for nearly 8,000 customers in eastern contra costa county. just last month 2,300 customers in bay point saw a 36% water increase approved by san francisco's bay regulators. neighbors there saying what you might expect, they can't afford to pay more with incomes flat. "the contra costa times" is reporting that 19% of bay point residents are below the poverty line. the increase would apply to customers in unincorporate rated brentwood, oakley, discovery bay
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and nightson. if approved the cost of a 96-gallon can would rise to to $35.85. a 32-gallon can would go to $32.85 a month. that could decrease in september if a new recycling system that the company wants is approved. the contra costa county supervisors are going to consider this increase on tuesday morning. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." thank you for the latest there. >> meantime, the accused tucson shooter is scheduled to be arraigned later today. jared loughner is facing two counts of attempted murder and one count of attempted assassination on a member of congress. asigsal additional charges are also expected. legal analysts expect him to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. that move is risky for loughner because 1% of criminals use that
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insanity defense. and it is only accepted by a jury about a quarter of the time. >> that is very difficult in the case where you have premeditation like they appear to have here. >> federal prosecutors will work to keep the trial in tucson. they argue that all the victims and witnesses live in that area and local law will give priority to the region where that crime took place. tomorrow president obama will deliver his state of the union address. the speech could give us an idea of how much the president's goals clash with those of the new republican majority. the national debt will be at the center of the speech. it is close to hitting the limit in a few months. the house republicans will vote to roll back the budget just hours before the speech. >> we've got to shrink government. we've got to cut spending. >> no one can defend the expenditure of every dollar and cent at the pentagon. >> we'll have more on tomorrow's state of the union coming up in a live report at 6:50.
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smart phone users need to be smarter when it comes to monthly fees. starting next month sprint joins the rest of the pack by tacking on an extra $10 for smart phone customers. experts say you can save a little money just by doing a few simple things. if your carrier uses a tiered pricing plan, find out if you can drop to the lowest tier, sometimes that will save you money. they also say to monitor the minutes you use each month to avoid overcharge fees on extra minutes. >> 15 to 50 cents per minute over can add up to be a lot of money. so what that does is alerts you when you are about to go over your minutes to save you a ton of money. >> another piece of advice is to get a wi-fi connection. they are everywhere. and it avoids you using your online data time. >> smart phones seem like they have been around forever, but not that long. >> no, it hasn't. looking at the calendar you say it is amazing that today's iphone didn't hit stores until four years ago.
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the app store came out a year later. apps have been around for about 1,000 days give or take. as you may have heard over the weekend, apple sold its $10 billion apps to a family in england. all right. the latest fashions here, brent and laura, led tvs. lots of videos on the internet of this. it works the way you think it does. it is the little thing you put in your mouth with an led, a bright light, and a safe battery so you don't swallow it. i just bring this up because you have kids and i have kids. this is something we'll have to deal with. >> you smile at them and scare them, right? >> if you love your leg warmers
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and jacket, your kids will love these. >> right now i'm worried about the toddlers putting things in their mouth. i doubt they will outgrow it. well, people all over the bay area will march today to protest the supreme court's decision 38 years ago to legalize abortion. a number of pro-life events will take place throughout the bay today, including this one in los altos. the silent prayer walk will be held at 12:30. it will start at st. nicholas church and finish up at city hall. southern california is battling northern california over a piece of u.s. history. a san francisco nonprofit is fighting with the los angeles nonprofit over who gets the "uss iowa." the iowa served in the pacific during world war ii and in korea. the very president franklin roosevelt talked to world leaders during world war ii.
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and it was during japan's surrender when the iowa was used. they want to make the iowa into a tourist attraction. the navy will decide when the next couple of months who gets the ship. i want to check the forecast for today. another nice one on tap, christina? >> yes, the more i check the more i'm seeing the numbers bump up today. we could be warmer in some cities than where we were yesterday. and yesterday was a record-breaking day in oakland. you tied a temperature record hitting 67 degrees. the old direction was sent back in 1994. high pressure will keep things nice and mild for us today. we have fog because of high pressure all throughout the san joaquin valley. that's the case until 11:00 a.m. take it easy if your travels take you that way. this morning we have a little bit of fog creeping in through the delta, especially in the east bay. places like concord are seeing pretty dense fog. same goes for fairfield. that's the case until 11:00 a.m. after that all the cloud cover breaks apart and lifts into the
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atmosphere leaving us with mostly clear conditions. already clear in the peninsula right now. 46 degrees in santa cruz. now into the upper 60s. in fact, 70 degrees in santa cruz later today. beautiful, beautiful weather. we'll find out if there's any beauty on the roadways with mike. if you like the building of traffic and say it is beautiful, then yes, it is looking beautiful. we'll take you to san francisco. i know for folks heading to surface street near webster, it continues to be closed after the investigation after a dead body was found in a burning car. we have a live shot of bob redell on the scene there at webster. webster is closed near 8 and page. those are parallel streets getting through the area. that could affect you getting off 101 through the area. it is just far enough away it won't cause a backup to the freeway. that portions of san francisco getting into the city, just a little slowing there.
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the bay bridge toll plaza is slowing. the approach to the maze looks fine, but the toll plaza is backing up with metering lights turning on. as approaching the toll plaza you have to back up to mid-parking lot. back to you. well, rock and reality tv stars undergoing picstla surgerile. we'll have a look at who is involved next.
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welcome back, everyone. a live look outside this morning. we should expect another nice week ahead. it feels like spring-time temperatures. we'll check the forecast with christina coming up. new this morning, singer brett michaels is going to have heart surgery today. the 47-year-old rocker checked into the hospital last night. today's surgery is actually
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going to be to repair a hole in his heart. that was found after michael suffered a brain hemorrhage last spring. michael is expected to be out of the hospital within the next three to four days. we wish him well. jack lalanne died at the age of 96 last night at his home in morro bay with his wife elaine by his side. lalanne was born in 1914. the sugar junkie turned his life around after hearing a lecture on proper nutrition. he opened his first gym in oakland. his famous performing feats of strength and endurance include swimming to alcatraz with handcuffs, swimming the length of the golden gate bridge while carrying an extra 150 pounds. jack is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter. >> his wife will be a special guest on the "today" show this morning. that's coming up right after our
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newscast. >> certainly a character. one of oakland's police officers shoots and kills a man. the latest on that investigation is coming up. 'r rehis."you're fired" to we are looking at the new numbers coming up after the break. "
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new this morning, more hiring and more money. good morning to you. i'm marla tellez with the encouraging news for california companies and the unemployed coming up in a live report. and a court staffed by volunteers. could this be a creative way to clear up a courthouse clogged with cases? we'll tell you who is promoting that controversial plan. and here's a live look at the south bay this morning. it will be a sunny day. christina will let us know how long it will last. it is monday, january 24th, "today in the bay."
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good monday morning, everybody. it is coming up on 6:30. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. welcome to our new studio. christina has a look at the hour-by-hour forecast. >> good morning to you. this week will be beautiful. high pressure is bringing us a lot of sunshine. we do have some dense fog to report. this could be dangerous heading to the san joaquin valley this morning. take it easy out there. we are looking at highs in the 60s once again today. the places seeing the fog this morning in the east bay where it is creeping through the delta, i do believe it will be a little more difficult to warm you into the upper 60s like we saw yesterday. this is what we are expecting. right now we are in the upper 30s. by 11:00 a.m. temperatures will be close to 52 degrees in concord. 56 degrees in oakland. 53 on the peninsula in san francisco turning over to the upper 60s before all is said and
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done today. 67 degrees in san jose. we have good news for you in the weather department. let's find out if there's good news in the traffic department now with mike inouye. good morning to you. good morning, christina. good news because things are going on schedule. that means there's a backup. we have a slowdown right now getting across the upper deck of the bay bridge. and there's a stall reported near treasure island. not reportedly causing any major slowing right now, but as the crew arrives you could have a lane closed. i'll let you know if they give a media update. at the poll plaza metering lights have been turned on for seven lights. the backup is forming in most of those lights. the cash lane and the hov are still the way to go across the bay. if you have a couple friend, get across the city and take a break. good news on the job front. california's overwhelming unemployment rate could soon improve. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is looking at encouraging numbers. >> reporter: good morning to you. it is encouraging, especially
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for those of you unemployed. a majority of california businesses plan to hire new employees and give raises in 2011. now, this is according to the employers association of america. as 2011 economic trend surveys show 54% of businesses plan to increase their workforce. that's compared to 40% of businesses who plan to do the same nationwide. and 54% also said they plan to keep 401(k) where retirement contributions are matched and will keep them in place this year. also, six in ten businesses statewide are expected to up their employees' pay. the latest survey shows employers are feeling more confident about the economy but given the depth of the recession they do remain conscious. if, in fact, employers follow through and start adding staff, california's more than 12% unemployment rate should soon drop. back to you. thank you, marla. oakland police are joining the investigation this morning into a deadly shooting involving a
6:33 am
public school police officer. that shooting happened 9:15 near with a keen miller park outside skyline high school. two officers working for the oakland unified school district approached the man and woman sitting in a, parked car on san qua keen miller road. there was a confrontation and the man tried to stab one of the officers with a screwdriver. that's when the other officer fired his gun killing the 20-year-old. >> these are fully trained police officers. they are experienced. and they are doing work in the streets all the time. they are not just inside the school as security officers, they are around the campus in the city. so all the problems that may plague the city of oakland at some time they are experienced in dealing with. >> meantime, the officers are on paid administrative leave. the school district and the district attorney have opened separate investigations into the shooting. 6:33 right now.
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a statewide amber alert for 4-year-old juliani cardenas is lowered to a state alert. a witness says he saw a silver car go into the water near the canal. the car fits the description of the one driven by the kidnapper jose rodriguez. he was using a cell phone and atm card before tuesday's kidnapping. but the electronic trail has been cold since that time. the sheriff's department will resume searching with divers and sonar tomorrow or wednesday saying at this point it is the only lead they have. police chief turned district attorney george gascone is trying to help the criminal justice system. he's looking to move thousands of petty cases into volunteer-run community courts. they will decide as to whether to roll out sentences for crimes such as prostitution, shoplifting and minor drug violations. they would also assign violators to social service programs to
6:35 am
try to help them change their behavior. now, san francisco already has several alternative courts for substance abuse and mental illness. the man who scaled the san francisco skyscraper in september is expected to take the stand today to take a stand on sky scraper security. 55-year-old daniel goodwin calls himself spider dan and used suction cups to scale the market neighborhood. he shut down the transit hub for four hours and police and fire crews had to respond. he climbed the tower to draw attention to the vulnerability of skyscrapers to terrorist attacks. the time is 6:35. the super bowl is set. we'll find out why this one is going to be a clash of the nfl greats. and keep yourself healthy by keeping your pet out of your bed. the results of the new study are coming up. and a truck goes out of control. look at this! right into oncoming traffic.
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we'll look at this amazing video coming up next. and we have some amazing weather in store for you this week. we'll let you know what the highs are expected to be today in your city when "today in the bay" comes right back. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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some great skiing in mammoth over the weekend. and there will be a lot of sunshine this week. if you have a chance to get out there, only one hour away from now in san jose and san francisco the sun will rise. you can see the clouds arcing up around that big ridge. that will keep the storm track to our north all week long. we are not expecting any precipitation in the forecast for the next eight to nine days. but we do have a dense fog advisory in place for the san joaquin valley. keep that in mind. this goes until 11:00 a.m. some of that fog is creeping into the delta, so places like livermore and concord will wake up to find pretty dense fog at least until 11:00 a.m. when things will start to improve. the sun will be out. all the low clouds will lift and break apart. we are looking at a beautiful second half of the day. temperaturewise today, we'll see temperatures maxing out in the
6:40 am
upper 60s for most cities. places like san jose are starting out at 44 degrees. we'll be warmer than we ended up yesterday. temperaturewise by 11:00 a.m., the upper 50s. then today, 67 degrees. that's the forecasted high in san jose. 70 in santa cruz. looking good throughout the extended period. we'll talk about your highs this week. 65 degrees on wednesday. 70 degrees on friday. these are numbers that i like to see. it is pretty nice out there. >> i love it. thank you very much. a big rig smashed into oncoming traffic and the camera caught the whole thing as it happened. you can see here a large tractor-trailer is veering into the center of the divider and heads straight for oncoming cars. the driver swerved to avoid the collision but flying debris pelted the car. incredibly, nobody was hurt during this crash. >> i literally just missed the front end of the truck as it was coming apart. luckily i missed it just in
6:41 am
time. i pulled over. luckily nobody was hurt. >> luckily. police have charged the driver of the truck with reckless driving. >> that is close. keep fido out of your bed. we'll tell you why it may be important for your health. president obama will deliver his state of the union address tomorrow night. see what topics he's expected to hit on coming up in a live preview from washington. and a deadly shoot-out between deputies and a man kills two people outside of a walmart. we'll find out what led up to the shooting coming up next. and a live look at our brand new studio debuting this morning. 6:41 right now. there's our floor director, mike. ladies, don't pick up the phone too soon. that's right, he's the guy that leads us when we are out here. here's a little glimpse of where we are sitting. we'll give you more of a view up. bifewtudicoming up
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good morning, everybody. 6:the 4, 6:44. we have nice clear skies this morning as the sun starts to come up. we are looking for another really nice day around the bay area this morning. two people are dead, two deputies are recovering from a shoot-out near seattle. it started yesterday when someone called about a suspicious looking man at a walmart. deputies went to talk to the man who started shooting. he wounded two of them. a third deputy shot and killed that man. >> they handcuffed him. he swung out of his hands and ran towards the woods.
6:45 am
and he looked back and pulled a gun out of his jacket and looked back and started shooting at the cops. >> another deputy shot a woman that was with the suspect. that woman later died. a gunman who opened fire in a detroit police station wounded four officers before being shot and killed himself. that happened at 4:30 sunday afternoon. the 38-year-old gun han gunman walked to the front door of the sixth precinct station into a lobby and began firing. a commander was critically injured. and he underwent surgery last night. the police chief says his prognosis is very good. two sergeants and an officer also suffered injuries that were not considered life-threatening. investigators are not releasing the gunman's identity yet. sacramento lawmakers are taking up a fresh round of bills inspired by the financial scandal in the california town of bell. the bills come after lawmakers failed to pass similar measures in the final days of last year's legislative session.
6:46 am
the legislation would make it harder for city council members to cash in by serving on several city commissions. it would also toughen training mandates and require city administrators to publicly disclose their salaries and bonuses. we have been talking about how nice the weather has been. it was a brilliant weather throughout the bay area. it looks like monday will continue along with where we left off on sunday. >> which is good news because mondays can be tough with getting back to work and getting back to the grind. but we have great weather in most cities right now. it is nice and clear. we have a bit of fog to tell you about in places in the east and north bays this morning where temperatures are relatively cool. 36 in fairfield. 38 in livermore. concord, 39. a bit of fog in the east bay as well as the north bay this morning. we are expecting more to develop as we get closer to sunrise. keep that in mind. sunrise this time of the year is right around 7:20 a.m. here's what you can expect heading throughout the afternoon today. i think by about 11:00 a.m. we
6:47 am
won't worry about the fog. maybe just partly cloudy skies in the areas picking up the cloud cover this morning. concord, napa, santa rosa, not as warm as yesterday with all the moisture moving in from the delta. the highs today end up in the upper 60s. 67 in santa rosa. 65 in san francisco. about 10 degrees above average for this time of the year. and we are not going to see much in terms of change all the way throughout this week. sunday looks good. 65 degrees from monday to sunday. we are talking about sunshine and 60s. maybe a 70 on friday. so we are looking good in the weather department. let's find out how mike inouye is doing this morning. good morning. your forecast is making it that harder to go into the office, but this is also making it slow. the bay bridge toll plaza is passed up across the 880. typical slowing for this time of the day. we have a disabled vehicle reported at the on-ramp at treasure island. no upper deck lanes are blocked.
6:48 am
and that crew on treasure island should have it cleared up pretty quickly. the nice approach along the main approach there including the east shore freeway and westbound 880. a car was disable there had with a bad battery, but that has cleared. as christina pointed out, there's fog near fairfield. keep that in mind. slow on westbound highway 4 out of antioch. that's a typical pattern. it is really nice heading over to 680 and the interchange south of there. to the north, folks that use the j mac ferry, it is out of service this morning. they couldn't get enough staff there for the morning commute. it will be back on schedule around noon. we are still watching as this accident investigation continues in san francisco. brent has more on that. we have an update on the developing story out of san francisco. police found a body inside the remains of a car that caught fire overnight. "today in the bay's" bob redell has been on the scene all morning with the latest on this story. zblb good morning to you, brent. that car is underneath the tarp
6:49 am
they are covering up right now as a important yak grand am. it is a coupe here near the intersection of webster and eight. when they pulled the car out they found a body in the passenger seat. the police and fire department are trying to figure out if this was an arson, if it was a homicide, and who did it. police say there are no suspects at this time. obviously, this is a very suspicious scene. the car is parked in the opposite direction of traffic on the street. it is not even in a parking spot itself. the body was so badly burned that so far police and the fire department have not been able to identify that person yet. can you tell me whether this person was killed because of the fire or if they were already dead and the body burned in the fire? >> that's part of the investigative process. at this point the body has been
6:50 am
badly damaged in this fire. we don't know if the person was killed before or if the person died in the fire. we don't know at this point. >> reporter: one thing that should help police is that there may be some witnesses because this neighborhood is so densely packed. you can see there's a lot of windows that open up onto the scene. so perhaps maybe somebody heard something, maybe they saw something, i know officers throughout the night have been knocking on doors. something else that might help police. if you turn around here, about a block away, it is hard for you to see, but on the corner there's a surveillance camera pointed directly at the scene. was the camera rolling and was it pointed at that direction around 3:30 in the morning when this happened? it is a question the investigators will try to question. hopefully they will be able to get information from that camera to give them a better idea of what happened in the pontiac grand am about four hours ago.
6:51 am
bob redell for "today in the bay." we have developing news that we are following right now. scott mcgrew is here to tell us about a deadly explosion this morning. >> nbc is reporting as many as 23 people are dead after an explosion at one of russia's largest airports. this just happened a short time ago. 130 may be injured. reports suggest a suicide bomber, possibly female, walked into the airport in moscow. that is the largest and busiest of moscow's three commercial airports. the russian news agency says the blast occurred inside the international arrival hall. this happened at 5:37 our time. 4:37 p.m. local time. you may recall that back last march the so-called black widow two women attacked the train system in moscow killing about 30. again, we think the bomber was a woman. in the past the suspicion has
6:52 am
been rebels. >> we'll continue to check back in throughout the rest of the newscast. job creation is number one for president obama. he'll deliver his state of the union address tomorrow night. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., this morning with the buzz brewing over exactly what the president will say. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: laura, good morning. he gave us a sneak peek over the weekend in an online speech talk about what he may say on tuesday. the president who says he's still working on the speech will focus on making america competitive and creating jobs. republicans want to hear him talk about the deficit and the debt which is now approaching its limit if congress doesn't act. president obama says they both must be addressed in a responsible way. now, just a few hours before the president speaks republicans will bring up a vote on the budget rolling it back to 2008
6:53 am
levels. democrats fear that a lot of those cuts would mean jobs, thousands of jobs, many of them teeners. and president obama wants to protect education. democrats are looking for direction from president obama on how to create jobs and cut spending at the same time. by the way, we got word earlier that daniel hernandez, the intern for congresswoman gabrielle giffords who was a hero during the arizona shooting, he is going to be sitting in the box with michelle obama during this speech. >> thank you very much, tracie. we'll cover the state of the union address live on nbc bay area tomorrow night. tune in at 5:00 for your local news. then at 5:30 it is "nightly news" with a preview of the address at 6:00. we'll take you live to the state of the union then. the oscars are every actor's dream and the razzie is every actor's nightmare. the 2011 razzie nominees are out this year. the biggest losers are the
6:54 am
"twilight saga eclipse" and "the last air surrender." both receiving nine nominations. "sex and the city 2" has seven razzies. all vow for the worst picture along with "the bounty hunter." as for the actors, ashton kutcher getting the worst actor nomination. he got nominated for "killers" and "valentine's day." are you cuddling with your pet this morning? we have a warning for people who let their pets sleep in their beds. next to your bed is okay. on your bed is not okay. a professor says that's because letting your dog or cat sleep with you could make you sense. the professor performed a study to find a list of diseases that can be transmitted by sharing a bed. he also says it may not be a good idea to let your pet lick your face or for you to let them
6:55 am
lick your kids' face. there are a number of people who already disagree with this study. the time is 6:55. let's check your morning forecast with christina. >> i have a dog who would not go for that. we are looking good right now. we already have clear conditions along the peninsula and in the south bay. we are dealing with a bit of dense fog in the delta pushing into the east bay. in fact, it is spreading north now into the north bay. so watch out for dense fog probably until 11:00 a.m. today. after that we'll see partly cloudy skies in the areas that pick up the most fog. and everyone else will see it nice and clear. 46 in santa cruz. by noon i think most of the cloud cover will completely be out of the area. 50 degrees in oakland. take your lunch break at 58 degrees in santa cruz. it will turn to the upper 60s before all is said and done today. if you want to get out to enjoy the sunshine, the warmest time will be 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.
6:56 am
as we head through the next few days, not a lot of change. in fact, throughout the remainder of the month of january we'll see our highs in the upper 60s. maybe a little bit cooler on thursday, 63 degrees with a cold start. temperaturewise we'll see the 30s on wednesday morning, but thursday looks good. friday, the best day of the week. we are already thinking about friday and the weekend, but hey, you have to get to work this monday morning, right, mike? i needed you to confirm that friday is the best day of the week. if you are heading through san francisco, we are following the investigation. bob redell reported that will be ster right near rose is closed from hate to page. use fillmore there instead. looking at the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights turned on a half hour ago. west past grand avenue, it is slowing there. still a 19-minute drive off the cartinas bridge. approaching the expressway lane, it is slow there as well autoof
6:57 am
the altamonte pass. back to you. the green bay packers will take on the pittsburgh steelers in dallas on february 6 for the super bowl. it will be the first super bowl meeting between these two teams. the packers are three-time super bowl winners and also have nine nfl titles. that was before the super bowl era. the steelers are making their eighth trip to the big game. they have won the super bowl a record six times. they are looking for number seven. they have won twice in the past five years. >> the commercials are my favorite part. thank you for joining us this morning. the "today" show is coming up next. >> local news updates in a half hour. have a great monday.
6:58 am
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